Credit Card Mobile APP

Our Credit Card Mobile App, developed with credit union members foremost in mind, brings together all the most popular card management features and seamlessly presents them on a single platform. After easy download, members simply register their cards on the app to enjoy many popular features, including:

  •  Seeing account details
  •  Setting alerts
  •  Getting a 90-day transaction history
  •  Reporting a card lost/stolen
  •  Making payments
  • Disputing transactions
  •  Turning a card off/on

Everything about the Credit Card Mobile App is designed to be user-friendly to ensure the ideal member experience. Access is TouchID enabled for Android and IOS devices, and camera integration allows members to set a personalized image.

The HCU Mobile Credit Card App is available to download for free, from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Simply search for the “HCU Credit Card App” or click the respective link below.

App StoreGoogle Play