Safe Deposit Boxes

As a Holyoke Credit Union member, you can take advantage of our safe deposit box program for storage of important documents and valuables. Safe deposit boxes are available in four sizes at affordable annual rental rates. For added convenience, your annual rental fee can be automatically deducted from your Holyoke Credit Union checking or savings account. 

Safe deposit boxes are available only at our Holyoke branch.

Safe deposit box sizes and annual fees are as follows:

3”x5” $45.00
3”x10” $75.00
5”x10” $95.00
10”x10” $140.00

Please note:

The contents of your Holyoke Credit Union Safe Deposit Box are not insured by Holyoke Credit Union or by any private or government insurance program. For your protection, you may wish to obtain insurance for the contents of your safe deposit box from an insurance company of your choice.