Paperless eStatements

How eStatements Work

Paperless eStatements are available to any Holyoke Credit Union member using our AtHome Online Banking or Online Business Banking services. Like paper statements, eStatements arrive every month and provide complete detail and activity for your account, but in a convenient digital format. With eStatements, you can view your account statement online and save it to a computer file, flash drive, or compact disc for retrieval at any time. And, of course, you can print a copy when needed. Each month you will receive an email notifying you when your statement is available and you can always access up to 12 months of eStatements through Holyoke Credit Union Online Banking.

Benefits of eStatements

Holyoke Credit Union eStatements are delivered electronically, which gives you more immediate access to your information, allows you to view your statement on your home computer or your mobile devices, and eliminates the potential for postal theft. And because eStatements can be saved on your computer or copied to a flash drive or compact disc, you also benefit from less paper and less clutter. Also good to know is that Holyoke Credit Union eStatements are legally admissible and contain all the components and disclosures required by law for financial documentation.

How to Begin Receiving eStatements

Log in to Holyoke Credit Union AtHome Online Banking or Holyoke Credit Union Online Business Banking and then click on eDocuments. To enroll in eStatements click "View Statements", review the account disclosure, confirm your email address and select the "accept" button.  You will immediately gain access to electronic copies of the statements for all statement accounts that you have access to within HCU Online Banking.

Upon accepting the terms in the disclosure, you will be registered to begin receiving eStatements and will no longer receive paper statements.

If you have not already registered for Holyoke Credit Union AtHome Online Banking or Holyoke Credit Union Business Banking, you can enroll now.