Three Equiteers

If you’re in the market for a home equity line or loan, you want to make sure you get just the right product, one with the best rate and terms.

Right now, we have exciting special rates on both.
A Home Equity Line with an introductory rate of only 1.99% APR*, and a
Home Equity Loan with a rate as low as 4.125% APR**.

And that’s why you should contact the Three Equiteers, our Home Equity Specialists. They’re on guard to advise you which of our Home Equity products best fits your particular needs. And they’ll make the entire process quick, easy and painless. For fast personal service, contact any of our Three Equiteers today.

Brian Ahern 413-575-5168 bahern@holyokecu.com
Sharon Hamel 413-539-0960 shamel@holyokecu.com
Donna Lessard 413-386-8086 dlessard@holyokecu.com

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