Personal Savings

At Holyoke Credit Union, we are committed to providing our members with a selection of personal savings accounts suitable for a variety of needs. Whether you are saving for the future, establishing an emergency fund for unplanned expenditures, or putting money away for a special purchase, we offer a savings account that’s right for you. Creating and adhering to a regular savings program is important and Holyoke Credit Union looks forward to helping you meet your goals.

Strengthen your savings plan with a fixed-rate certificate of deposit available in terms of five months to five years.

Learn more about our Certificate of Deposit

Structured Club Accounts make it easy to save and easy to reach your short-term goals.

Learn more about our Club Account

An account to accompany newly issued CDs that provides savers the best in savings – HIGH YIELD and NO TIME COMMITMENT.

Learn more about our Companion Deposit Account

Earn the most competitive money market interest rates with this tiered-rate account offering higher interest on higher balances.

Learn more about our select money market account

This account pays a variable money market interest rate with no worries about a minimum balance requirement.

Learn more about our Savers Money Market Account

Start building your emergency fund or saving for a future purchase with this easy-to-manage savings account.

Learn more about our Statement Savings Account