Certificate of Deposit

Great! You've come to the right place for certificates.

A Certificate of Deposit is a fantastic investment that offers a competitive return on your investment and the security of deposit insurance.

Your funds are never at risk.

A Holyoke Credit Union, we offer just the right mix of return on your investment, flexibility, and the very best tools to analyze your options when it comes to Certificates of Deposit. Our certificate interest rates are competitive with any bank and we can customize a certificate to fit your needs with any maturity from five months to five years. Just tell us when you want your CD to mature and we will make it happen. 

Have an existing CD elsewhere? Stop by your local branch to see how HCU can buy your low-rate CD and provide you with a better alternative. 

Only $1,000 required to open.  As with all CDs, early withdrawal penalties apply.

Don't settle for a low-rate CD. Earn more, bank smarter with Holyoke Credit Union.

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