Holyoke Credit Union understands that savings account rates are typically low.  This is the reason we are now offering an account that offers a great rate combined with total liquidity.  We understand that many members are reluctant to tie up all of their funds in fixed-term CDs and would prefer to keep part of their money in easy-to-access cash.  

The Companion Deposit Account – An account to accompany newly issued CDs that provides savers the best in savings – HIGH YIELD and NO TIME COMMITMENT.  

The Companion Deposit Account provides just these benefits.  You are able to have the best of both worlds with some funds locked into a great paying CD and some funds available in a high paying deposit account, of which the balance can be accessed at any time.  

New Holyoke Credit Union CD account holders are eligible for our premium priced Companion Deposit Account of equal or lesser size to your new CD. 

This product combines the most attractive features of CDs and savings: 

  • Open and fund like a CD
  • High yield like a CD
  • Variable rate like a savings account
  • Withdraw funds anytime, like a savings account

This special deposit account does not allow additional deposits.  

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Speak to a Member Service Representative to take advantage of this great opportunity!